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Wild Card Weekend Playoff Predictions:

I'm sitting here on this fine Miami Morning thinking about the Jags game when I realized I hadn't said a word about the other playoff games this weekend. So before we get into far more serious matters with our Jaguars, let's run through the rest of the weekend's games and take a completely irrational and irreverent look at what might happen. As usual, note that I use pretty absurd reasoning for my picks, and they should not be taken seriously, especially with money.


Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks -- No sir, I just don't buy it. I love the idea of the Redskins in the playoffs. Coming back from all that adversity and those time outs. I think that the team has rallied around Joe Gibbs rather than fallen apart says a whole lot about the direction this team is going. But it's not this year, nope. The Redskins are going to go to Seattle and be reminded that they're not quite there yet and begin their offseason. Of course, the Redskins start that offseason over 20 million dollars over the salary cap and facing an almost immediate crisis to get under, so they can be forgiven for trying to make the ride as long as possible. Seattle is awfully quiet, almost like they're sitting and waiting for a chance to make some playoff noise. If nothing else, expect to see a whole lot of passing out of the Hawks.

 Seahawks -- 21 - 17


NY Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Eli Manning, Jeff Garcia, Un-Tiki Barber, damn what a game. There are two kinds of emotional highs. The ones where you keep going and find new strength after overcoming adversity and the sort where you collapse into yourself after giving it all. Did the Giants give so much against the Patriots that they'll ease into Tampa Bay and be annihilated? Or will they march into the Florida Sun and play like a team that can roll with the Big Boys? On the Flip Side, when will the Bucs start to play like the team that was supposed to be terrible this season. Remember, this was supposed to be the Saints year to shine, not Tampa's! I'll tell you what, until Eli Manning proves us wrong, never bet on him in the Playoffs. I'll ride Jeff Garcia on this one.

 Buccaneers 24 - 21

Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers -- Congratulations to the Tennessee Titans for making it into the playoffs and further confirming that the AFC South is the toughest division in football. Now go home. Seriously. The Titans, for all intents and purposes should get blown out of this game. Kerry Collins could be at quarterback, and I can't figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing, such is the season of Vince Young. The Chargers have been hot going into the last few weeks of the season, and for me to predict a win for them is antithetical to everything I know and understand. You never eve, ever, roll with Norv Turner, no matter what. Except for when the Quarterback Situation is all jazzed up like it is in the Music City. I imagine this could be the only blowout of the first round.

 Chargers 24 - 7