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His name is Jack Del Rio, Coaching toward the Super Bowl: Press Conference

This is Fan-Tastic!

Ryan Parker sent this to me, and it's worth watching.

To go with this, here's your Monday Afternoon Press Conference With Jack Del Rio

"That was a huge, huge win last night. Certainly a great experience for us, and what a thrill. Finishing that ballgame, that was a thrilling finish and it took everything… it took a complete effort from our football team. As we have had all year, we had guys step up. We lose John Henderson early in the game, a guy like Derek Landri steps up and ends up getting a hat trick. He gets a sack, an interception, and recovered a fumble at the end of the game. Just a great example of the way we’ve had guys all year - step up, step in, play well and help us win, and I’m really for him and happy for our team. "
"Eight teams after today will go on into next weekend’s ballgames. We’re one of those eight; we’re proud of that. We understand regardless of who we draw next week, and that’ll be determined later today, regardless of who that is we know it’ll be a tremendous challenge. So we’ve got a lot of work ahead, a lot of work to do. Coaches are busy right now, players are off and we’ll continue to work our process, that’s what we do. Special teams, I thought, came up real big for us last night. I think (Adam) Podlesh really did an excellent job in the ballgame first, kicking the ball extremely well, but second and most importantly getting the snaps down, good clean holds and getting those crucial points we needed. Obviously our return game got going with Maurice (Jones-)Drew starting us off with that big kickoff return. (An) excellent way to respond to their opening touchdown drive, the first that we’ve given up on defense all year. And to respond like that was huge. Late in the game we get a nice return by Dennis Northcutt to give our offense a chance to go down there and win the game. So, really a nice job by our special teams. Defensively, anytime you get three interceptions and six sacks and hold the opponent to 43 yards rushing on 26 carries, you had a pretty good night. We even scored a defensive touchdown. So obviously some real good things going on there. I think that was part of the reason that we jumped out to such a commanding lead. We just need to finish the deal a little bit better there, and obviously that’ll be pointed out, but I think sometimes you get too carried away. A couple events that didn’t go the way you want and all of a sudden that gets all the attention as opposed to the fact that we did sack this quarterback six times, primarily with a four-man rush, and we did get three interceptions and forced a fumble. So the guys played well, the guys played hard. Offensively, there was some tough sledding for us in there. They really got after us a little bit, tried to take some things away that we were good at the first time out. I think compounding that…when you get a defensive score for a touchdown, when you get a kickoff that goes back to the one (yard line) and you punch it in, offensively that’s going to limit your opportunities. So part of the ending stats I don’t think really tell the whole story, because you take two possessions away there, you have two turnovers and then all of a sudden it looks like maybe they completely shut us down. I didn’t feel that way, don’t feel that way after looking at the tape. But obviously it took everything we had, it took complete effort and I was real proud of our guys."
(TVs and radio) (what does yesterday’s win do for you personally?)
"It has me smile today."
(does this win reinforce the plans, the process you’ve been taking this year?)
"I have confidence in what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and it’s nice to have success. In the end you need to have some fruit for all your labor and I thought it was important for our football team to win this game, to win last night to advance in the tournament, to give us an opportunity to pursue a world championship. That’s what we’re after and we know it’s a monumental task in front of us, but we’re excited about advancing right now. You work hard in the offseason, you work hard in training camp, you work hard in the regular season with an opportunity to make it into the postseason. When you get into the postseason, you wan to win, and we did that. (We) made a little history I guess, the whole 75 years nobody had gone to Pittsburgh and beat them twice in the same year. People kept asking about it last week, we might as well win and finish that, put that in the record books. That’s done but it was certainly nice to go in there and beat a very proud football team at their place in a game we had to have."
(you might make history again this weekend if you play New England and win. How do you approach that angle of the story?)
"The way I’m going to approach that today is say let’s talk about hypotheticals when they actually occur. I’d rather not get into those kinds of discussions. We know that regardless of who it is, we’ve handled our business in the first round so we’ll get an opportunity in the Divisional round and whoever is there we know is going to be a very formidable opponent. So, I don’t want to get into hypotheticals today."
(what is Mike Peterson’s status?)
"On Wednesday of our work week, whether it’s Tuesday or Wednesday this week, I’ll have an update on Mike’s status. I know he’s working out hard, anxious to get back and as of yet he has not been cleared."
(you don’t often see big players with hamstring injuries. Is there anything you can do to have John Henderson available this week?)
"Big, dominant defensive tackles from Tennessee seem to have this hamstring thing going right now, (Albert) Haynesworth later today and Big John from last night. We’ll know more about John over the next couple of days."
(Josh Scobee said he did not have any nerves when attempting the game-winning field goal)
"He might be the one person…Are you kidding me? I think he’s trying to have the old ice water in his veins thing. There was no way Josh Scobee lined up for that kick and didn’t have any nerves. We all did, but I think what he did is he focused on the process at hand. I think he took his steps, stepped back there, went through his process of how he addresses the kick, put a good solid strike on it and went right through the heart. Really well done."
(what was the environment like on the sideline as Scobee was lining up for the kick?)
"A lot of prayers being said, a lot of prayers, no question. I think when you look at the way that game finished, obviously, we started extremely well, did some excellent things , let some things get away from us late and needed some plays to win. We needed to get a stop on defense, needed to drive down on offense, needed to make the kick, and then close the deal by kicking, covering and playing special teams; they’re just two points away. So we did all that, covered the kick and then went out and played defense and got the turnover and iced the game. But I think that whole part, that whole last part of the game, there were a lot of prayers going out there."
(do you have anyone on your staff who has gotten an early jump preparing for the Colts and Patriots last week or up to this point?)
"We’ve been working ahead. We’ve been working on New England since prior to the Houston game. I think we’re all doing that, putting in the extra time, getting a look at each other. Everybody is doing that right now."
(on losing the lead in the fourth quarter twice against the Steelers?)
"I think actually it’s very gratifying to know that our football team is ready to play 60 minutes and I think you have to play good football to get a lead first of all. So to go into that environment and get a lead like we were able to do in both ballgames was outstanding. To have them come back like champions is not surprising. To have our football team be able to withstand that and finish and win I think says a lot about our football team so I take a lot of pride in that."
(did Derek Landri have a couple blocks on the Jones-Drew kick-off return?)
"I don’t know if he had a couple. I know he had at least one really good one."
(Landri played very well for a rookie)
"He played well. I’ve got Notre Dame people everywhere calling me up and saying ‘that’s what you need, more Fighting Irish.’
(on Rashean Mathis’ play)
"Yeah, Rashean did a great job. Outstanding job, a ball hawk. They tried him a couple times. (He) made two really great interceptions and returned one for a touchdown."
(are you feeling the fan enthusiasm that is around town?)
"I haven’t been out. It’s been a couple hours since I laid my head down on a pillow and came right back to work, but I know the excitement is out there. Being out in the community, I know the players are out in the community and the fans are fired up for the Jags. We’re fired up to have a winner here in Jacksonville."
(was David pressing when he threw the two interceptions?)
"No. When you make plays, you want them back. When you make good plays, you want more of them. I think the great thing is that despite the things that were going negative right there, we were able to find some positive energy and kind of recommit to going and finishing the deal. It can be tough to find that, and our guys found that right there, that resolve. We stuck together. Fred Taylor talked to the team the day before the game and talked about us staying tight, that we had a spark, we had a fire burning and if we stayed tight, nothing could blow it out, and I think it took all of that to finish that game."
(when Scobee kicked the winning field goal, how much of an emotional lift was it for the team?)
"It was huge to get that ball through the uprights and take the lead and then like you said, then to go out and cover the kick and put the finishing touches on it. They still had a chance right there. Complete one or two passes and then get set up and kick a field of their own, and their field goal kicker is very good. So you had to win that game. We knew that going in that when you play a championship team like that, you really have to get them down and keep them down and put them away, and we had to finish to the very, very end."