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Jaguars v. Patriots: First Injury Report


LB Mike Peterson (hand)

Did Not Participate in Practice
DT John Henderson (hamstring)
DT Grady Jackson (knee)

Exactly what we expected with Peterson, he's still not cleared to play by team doctors.  In fact, I don't even know if he has the cast off.  We'll be spared the terrible image of Mike Peterson missing a tackle with a clubhand though, that's a relief.  I have to wonder whether he'll ever be activated, even if he his cleared.  

Having Henderson AND Jackson miss practice due to injury is discomforting, especially with our limited depth, but I wouldn't be surprised if both these guys played on Saturday.


Did Not Participate in Practice
TE Stephen Spach (knee)
CB Antwain Spann (hamstring)

Limited Participation in Practice
S Willie Andrews (elbow)
TE Kyle Brady (team decision)
FB Kyle Eckel (stomach)
S Rodney Harrison (thigh)
OT Nick Kaczur (foot)
G Stephen Neal (shoulder)
WR Wes Welker (team decision)

Full Participation in Practice
QB Tom Brady (right shoulder)

It's well documented that Bill Belichick has no respect for the Injury Report process, so who knows what to expect out of this.