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The High Cost of High Class Stadiums

I'm sorry if this isn't Jaguars centric but I feel its something that needs to be said. With the Stadium Mania the league has been in for over a decade, their has been a Cold War to have the most club seats, the most luxury boxes, etc. All this has done is forced out die hard middle and lower class people in favor of more fair weather upper class families.

My uncle had been a Giants season ticket holder for 20 years, but he won't be when they move to the new stadium in the Meadowlands. His reasoning? With the amount of money he's going to spend on the PSLs he could get a HDTV and pay for  two years of my cousin's tuition. This is a common sight all over New York City. For the most premium seats, the Jets are requiring a $5000 non-refundable deposit for the right to bid for seats.

With the economic downturn, it will be interesting to see how teams react. While their luxury boxes will still remained booked, the irony is that many teams may advance a few years into their fabled waiting lists as more people give up season tickets and those on the list will be unable to afford them. Yet, just as long as the $100,000 luxury boxes are full with people buying $150 bottles of scotch, will anyone care about the guy paying $100 a ticket and buying the $9 beer?

Honestly, what happened to the days of just needing the essentials. When I go a football game, so long as it isn't played in the middle of a nuclear waste dump, all I care about besides me seats, is can I get a beer, some nachos, and have a place to take a piss.

Jaguars-Broncos Game Preview coming in abit