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Jacksonville Jaguars Playoff Watch: Born to be Wild Card?

[Note by River City Rage, 10/10/08 10:44 AM EDT ]This is actually by Collin, but there was a glitch in the HTML which made the site look weird.  -Chris

"Must Win a Mile High"

Get ready Jag fans, it is almost time for the last Jaguar game for two long weeks, and it is a doozy of a draw. The Jaguars will be heading to Mile High Stadium and need to come away at 3-3 to realistically have a shot at getting into playoffs.

Right now there are a few AFC teams who own the tiebreaker against us because they beat us this season. I can't stress enough how crucial it is that these teams win their division. Were they not to win the division, they not only will be in direct competition with us, but they will have a leg up on us. This means that if we both were to have the same record overall, they automatically get in over us because of the tiebreaker advantage.

The Teams Who Own the Tiebreaker Against Us :

1. Pittsburgh - AFC NORTH

2. Buffalo - AFC EAST


Let us take a look at last week's key games to see whether or not they went as we hoped.

Ravens - Titans : Titans won again... Not Ideal. this team is over-powering everyone right now.

Colts - Texans : Colts somehow pulled it out... Not Ideal

Chargers - Dolphins : Dolphins won on a 4th and goal stand at the one yard line... Ideal. May be competitive this season for a wild-card spot. They looked solid in this win.

Patriots - 49ers : Patriots won... Not Ideal. They are ahead of us in a wild-card race as of now, I don't think they'll unseat the Bills at the front of the division, but they may try to slide into the playoffs.

Bills - Cardinals : The Cardinals somehow put up 41 on the Bills D... Not Ideal. We need them to win their division handily.

Buccaneers - Broncos : Broncos won by a field goal... Ideal. We want Denver to easily win the division and we need San Diego to continue to struggle in the AFC WEST.

Chiefs - Panthers : Ideal. Panthers demolish the chiefs, who from here on out will have their name written only in lower-case lettering, due to their horrible play. I love Herm Edwards, mostly for his sound-bites, but it's a freakshow over there. Get it together Herm!


Patriots @ Chargers : This is such a toss-up that I really am not sure whom to say it would be ideal to win. The New England Patriots travel to sunny San Diego where I believe we actually want the Patriots to win. The Patriots are 3-1 right now, but without their star QB, they won't hold it together. We want the Chargers to continue to fall behind both us (in the Wildcard battle) and the Broncos (In their Division). Maybe I don't have enough faith in Matt Cassel to hold it together for a season, but I'm not concerned with the Patriots at 4-1 given the ease of their schedule so far.

Raiders @ Saints : Always root for the NFC in an AFC vs NFC match-up, unless it is a team we want to win their division. A victory by the Saints would be Ideal.

Dolphins @ Texans : I am actually going to deviate from the norm here a bit. Miami seems to be gaining steam and if Houston ever catches us, it will mean that we aren't in contention for the playoffs anyway. So I actually think it would be Ideal for the Texans to win this week, but I completely understand any argument made to the contrary.

Bengals @ Jets : A Cincinnati win would be Ideal. They have no chance of being contenders over there anyway.

Giants @ Browns ( Monday) : Go for the NFC team.


Ravens @ Colts : We must stay ahead of the Colts, a Raven victory would be Ideal. Baltimore will be headed to Indy to face the crowd-noise of Lucas Oil Field. The Colts are battered on defense so look for long sustained drives again this week. Flacco is at his best when he doesn't have to put the team on his shoulders, and their defense is spectacular (as we'll see first hand later this year).

Your thoughts? Especially those regarding my picks of the Patriots over the Chargers, and the Texans over the Dolphins. I think it is very important we put some distance between ourselves and the Chargers because they are a solid all around team and are bound to spring back sooner rather than later. A Dolphin win puts Miami at 3-3 (hard to believe, eh?). That's my reasoning for rooting for the Texans in that game despite the Texans being in our division.