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Game Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos

Jacksonville-jaguars-helmet-2_medium                                                                Denver-broncos-helmet_medium

When/TV: 4:15 CBS

Where: Invesco Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado

Forecast: 56 degrees at kickoff with 9mph winds

Well, no way to skirt it. This is about as must win of a game as a game played in Week 6 is. A loss here means the division is all but mathematically gone and the Wild Card will be an uphill climb. A win puts us at .500 and sets us up in 3 games against teams, on paper, we should beat. Also, I can't believe the national media is setting this up as a matchup of "The unmoveable object vs The unstoppable force" when comparing the Jags defense and the Broncos offense. I'm sorry Peter King, were you buying too many Starbucks when the Jags have been playing all season? Also, I'd like to take this time to raise my middle finger to the Tallahassee CBS affiliate who changed today from Jags/Broncos to Miami/New Orleans. So anybody in the Tally who has NFL Sunday Ticket, you're on notice.


Things to Watch for: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Fred Taylor/Maurice Jones-Drew: We're these guys abducted and replaced by the same aliens that got Michael Jackson? 13 yards combined last week? Cheesus Rice.

2. Defensive Secondary: If I do see this game, everytime I see Will James matched up on the outside, I'm taking a shot. We the move back to base Cover 2, hopefully things will improve.

3. Matt Jones: He has settled into the role of the dependable go to guy who gets you 15 yards on 3rd and 13. One of the few legitimate bright spots of the season. He'll need to be heavily in the offense for a win.

4. Pressure: If we let Jay Cutler sit back and have all day, this could get ugly quick.

5. Run the Ball/Stop the Run: Screw it, what else can we do?

Things to watch for: Denver Broncos

1. Jay Cutler: He's come a long way from the QB who South Park went out of their way to comment on how much he sucked. He's playing at a Pro Bowl level and as they say, he must go down hard.

2. Running Game: The Broncos are noted for their chop, errr, zone blocking. It has powered runners dating back to Terrell Davis. If they control the line of scrimmage, this could get ugly.

3. Conditioning: Can Denver use the altitude to their advantage? The Jags have been built as a physical football team but that isn't the easiest thing to do when you're gasping for breathe.

4. Defensive Line: Weakness meets weakness here between the Jags O-line and the Broncos D-line. Who wins will be critical.


Player on the Hot Seat

Jay Cutler, QB, Denver

This one rests on his shoulders. If he has a good game, turn the lights out early because Denver is going to win. If he struggles, than the Jags have a shot.

Coach on the Hot Seat

Gregg Williams, Defensive Coordinator, Jacksonville

Gregg, I swear, if we have another 4th Qt lead blown or Cutler could have a 3 course meal every time he goes back to pass...........................



Broncos 27 Jaguars 20