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Jaguars-Broncos postmortem

What a difference a week makes. Maybe I need to start picking the Jaguars to lose more often.  A big win on the road is exactly what the doctor ordered. 3-3 heading into the bye week, with 3 games that look like wins on paper. This team could be 6-3 heading into a rematch against Tennessee. Garrard and MJD provided most of the fireworks on offense. While the defense didn't remind anybody of the 2000 Ravens, they got alot of turnovers and held their own in the 2nd half.


1.  Matt Jones once again coming up with big plays.

2. Marcedes Lewis reminded the fans why he was a 1st round draft pick. His touchdown catch was a thing of beauty.

3. Can't help but feel sorry for Fred Taylor. Ohwell, at least this way he'll hopefully hit 11,000 yards and set the team touchdown record at home against Cleveland.

4. The offensive line finally showed up. Garrard had all day to throw and MJD rushed for 125.

5. The defense, well, it was alright this week. They did a good job against Cutler after he went 7-7 on the opening TD drive he was 14-30.