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Jacksonville Jaguars defeat Denver Broncos: Tap the Rockies for Bye Week Fun

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Ok, so maybe Budweiser isn't a true "Jacksonville Beer", and it's certainly not the official beer of Big Cat Country (that would be Yuengling, even though it's from PA), but it'll do.  The Jacksonville Jaguars tapped the rockies yesterday to put them at 3 and 3, facing a bye week that will bring them to near preseason health, and with three teams on the schedule that have a collective 1 and 14 record coming at them.  Realistically, the Jaguars could be looking at a 6 and 3 record when they face off for the AFC South Re-Match with the Tennessee Titans.  Not too bad for a team that looked one step away from being dead in the water a few weeks ago.

I woke up this morning with what can only be described as a nasty cold, I've got three weeks of 90+ hour work weeks, and yet all I could think about this morning was how good David Garrard and the Jaguars offense looked.  I'm downloading the game as we speak so I can do a little film study, but from what I saw last night, the Jaguars looked explosive.

Sure, it was against the Denver Defense, which is by no means a strength for Bronco Nation, but it showed that the Jaguars can move the ball.  Troy Williamson, despite having the play called back, will now be respected whenever he lines up deep.  I very nearly put my car into a ditch when I heard him make the long catch, that's how shocked I was.  I very nearly expected to hear that he was open and dropped the ball, but he put something on film for opposing defensive coordinators to worry about.

Jaguars Win: Quick Bytes

: Peter King has us as the "best road team in football", other than the Giants.

: Michael Wright of the Florida Times-Union thinks the Jaguars have "turned a corner". I agree.

: David Garrard pulled out the fedora in a much earned victorious press conference. Oh, and Deion Sanders says that Garrard is the best dressed player in the NFL.  That's quite a statement from Mr. Primetime.

: If you've ever wondered what it takes to move the Jaguars to a place like Denver for a road game, check this out

: Woody Paige, he of great foot-in-mouth-syndrome, calls out Cutler for running his mouth.  That, my friends, is how I like my irony served.

: I have Maurice Jones-Drew in two of my fantasy football leagues. Nuff said.

: Not to pick a fight, but sometimes the Jaguars Message Board is a little nasty.  After a big win there are far too many threads about benching players.  Though I do love the schadenfreude of the guy who suggested that Marcades Lewis was a bust that should be benched.

That's what I'm reading/thinking about, how about you?