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Pac-Man Jones and Matt Jones

I'm not trying to start a flame war between blogs here, but I felt it was worth a mention. After the several incidents that have occurred to the Cowboys, I checked out the local Cowboy blog Blogging The Boys to see what their users had to say about things. On the thread that dealt with the Pac Man's indefinite suspension, several posters brought up the fact that our WR Matt Jones was not suspended as well by Tsar Goodell.

I must say, the ratio between testicle and brain size has got to be close to 1 to 1 to use that kind of logic. Either everyone who agreed with that statement must wear specially fitted jeans, or as I suspect, has a brain the size of a walnut.

Defending the actions of a player who had a dozen previous run ins with the law against a player, who while criticized for his lack of effort, had no previous run ins with the law is preposterous. Pac Man Jones knew that if he farted in the wrong direction he could get a lifetime ban from the league, and he still decided to start an altercation with a bodyguard the Cowboys hired to keep him out of trouble. Let me repeat this, A BODYGUARD THE COWBOYS HIRED TO KEEP HIM OUT OF TROUBLE. Whether or not alcohol was involved, whether or not the police were involved, Jones knew if he made even page 2 material for negative off the field material he could be kicked out of the league.

There is no defending Pac-Man Jones at this point. There more I read about the incident, I amend more earlier comments, and if I were Tsar Goodell , I would have tossed him out of the league.

Compare this Matt Jones, who got caught doing a while illegal narcotic, how many of us have had the police come up on us at various times in our life doing stupid things.

The biggest difference, for the first time in his career, Matt Jones is looking like a 1st round receiver while Pac-Man Jones continues his self-destruction of his NFL career.