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Matt Jones Suspended for 3 Games

It's official, Matt's suspension has gone through and it's stiffer than I expected. Matt will be suspended 3 games, starting with next week against Cleveland. He will be back for the Tennessee Titan rematch if he chooses not to appeal the suspension. If he were to appeal the ruling, he would be allowed to play during the Cleveland game, and may be able to get the suspension cut to 2 games. If that's the case, he'd play in Cleveland during the appeal process, and then if it is cut to 2 games, he'd miss the Bengals and Lions. The risk here would be that if the suspension isn't decreased when/if he appeals, he would miss the Titan's game along with the Lions and Bengals... The smart money is on Matt not appealing and accepting his suspension. Although don't be shocked if he appeals (it'll likely be a decision made by Matt and the team together), three games is much stiffer than many were expecting.

Either way, Matt has shown us what's he capable of doing. He's proven himself as a solid possession reciever and his improved dedication to the position has been noticed and appreciated by fans and pundits alike. He's got a future in the league as long as he can keep his nose clean... (sorry, couldn't help it).