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Big Cat Country:: The Tailgate

My friends, it is time for a tailgate. I've been fortunate enough to return to the Sunshine State, but due to my current employer, I've been unable to attend a Jaguars game yet this season. Thankfully, election day is almost here and I'm 13 days away from having a life again, which means Big Cat Country and the Jaguars will get much more of my attention.

I am working on a Big Cat Country Tailgate for the Jaguars v. Titans game on November 16th. Details are slim and I could certainly use the help of our readers and commenters to make this happen. I'd love to get together and meet our fellow fans, have a beer or two, and then watch our Jaguars tear up the hated Titans.

1. Location: I'll be driving up from Central Florida the night before. Where is a good spot for a tailgate? Does anyone already have an area that they'd be interested in sharing with some BCC readers?

2. Tickets. I'm in the hunt for two (2) tickets for that game. While I'm OK with the "underground market", I would never reject a gift of discounted ticket from a fan willing to share them.

3. Who's bringing what? In my car will be a large cooler full of Yuengling, that's for sure. What else would people like to bring?

4. Is this something people would actually be interested in attending?

This is still in the early stages. Let me know what you'd think of the event and we'll make it happen!