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Friday's Injury Report: Clean Bill of Health

[ 4:32 p.m. -Editorial Note: Walker may still be out due to an infection. However, he's not listed on the official injury report as having missed any practice time and isn't listed as out, so he may see some playing time this week, although, don't be surprised if he's held out of action entirely. -Collin]

This week's game is as big for the Jaguars as any so far this season. A desperate Cleveland team who must win to have any real hope of making the playoffs will come to The Jack looking to spoil the Jaguars pre-planned three game win-streak. However, I think you'll see the Jaguars reap a great benefit from the extra week of preparation the bye-week provides. I still think our coaching staff is top notch, and as an added bonus, all their tools will finally be available to them. That's right, for the first time this season we've got ZERO injuries to report.

These next three games will be crucial for the Jaguars, and our coaching staff is well aware of this so look for a continued aggressive style of play. I'd expect if we're ever going to get into Gregg Williams' style of defense, these next three weeks will hold the key. Sub-par teams give a defense a great chance to showcase their skills, and we won't play a top-tier team again until Tennessee, which makes this a great chance to establish ourselves as a dominant force once again.

Look for Harvey to register his first sack over this period. Rookies aren't used to the NFL's daily grind and can get run-down (also known as "hitting the wall"). A bye week helps out rookies as much or more than than veteran counter-parts. It provides an opportunity for reflection, rest, and and time to focus on ways to improve one's game. I have every confidence in Harvey's skills, I just want it to translate into sacks sooner rather than later.

Look for our O-line to be comprised of Meester, Norman, Nwari, Pashos, and Barnes. I doubt Naeole will take back the starter role from Uche, but I may be wrong. Either way, our best blockers (minus 1) will be on the field for the first time all year. Look for the impact to be immediate. There may be some rust the first half on Meester's part, but expect him to find his groove quickly. Expect the Jags to employ less max-protect packages and fewer 2 and 3 TE sets. I'd imagine we'll see fewer bootleg plays where Garrard is supposed to abandon the pocket. FInally, I'd bet money on the Jags employing more single-back running plays, which allows another receiver to be used to keep a defenseman out of the box (Troy Williamson anyone?). Having your offensive line as a strength on your squad affects every aspect of a team's play, from their approach to game-planning to their execution of the plays. The offensive line sets the tone, and the Jaguars' line is about to ring some bells...Duval Style.