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Game Preview: Cleveland Browns at Jacksonville Jaguars

Helmets_browns_medium                                           Jacksonville-jaguars-helmet_medium


When/TV: 4:15 PM CBS

Where: Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Memorial Stadium "The Jack"

Forecast: 73 degrees at kickoff, 9 mph wind from the NNW, 0% chance of rain


If theres one team the Jaguars have an odd history with, its the Cleveland Browns. Honestly, besides the "River City Relay", every moment in Jaguars history that's remembered as an "Oddity" has featured the Browns. The Hail Mary that ultimately was the nail in Tom Coughlin's coffin as head coach, the incident where the referee threw a flag into the eye of a Cleveland player(his name escapes me at the moment), we were the final opponent for the original Browns, and another incident that escapes me at the moment. Why do I all of the sudden feel the need to duck for fear of having a beer bottle thrown at me?


Things to Watch for: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Fred Taylor: He needs 47 yards and 1 touchdown to get to 11,000 yards and get the franchise record for touchdowns. He didn't get to 10,000 yards at home, but 11,000 and the franchise TD record at home on a 50 yard TD should make up for it.

2. David Garrard: He's beginning to look like the David Garrard of last year, can he keep it up.

3. Wide Receivers: With Matt Jones suspended, it is a big hit for our receiving corps.(Who would have ever thought I'd type those words.) Can Jerry Porter regain the form he reportedly had in OTAs? Can Reggie Williams step up?

4. Pass Defense: After letting Jay Cutler have his way on the first drive against Denver, he was 14-30 with 2 INTs. With Derek Anderson being hit or miss this season, will the Pass D continue to improve?

5. Can we begin the playoff push? This is the first of three games I believe should set us up at 6-3 when Tennessee comes to town. This is the time of year the good teams begin to emerge.


Things to Watch for: Cleveland Browns

1. Quarterback Situation: Derek Anderson has continue to slide since the end of last year. Could we see Brady Quinn, the QB many felt we should have drafted?

2. The Winslow Effect: A tight end from The U being a disruptive force on his team, that's never happened before. Will it be another kick in the gut for the Browns or will it help unify them?

3. Jamal Lewis: This guy has gone from being less than 100 yards away from the single season rushing record to something of obscurity. He's still a good back and will be key to a Cleveland win.

4.Run Defense: To call the Browns run D full of holes would be generous. Going against Taylor and MJD will be a challenge.

5. Braylon Edwards: Big play receivers have had their way with the Jags secondary this season. No matter who is lining up at center, I can still easily see at least one bomb going Edwards way.


Player on the hot seat

Fred Taylor, RB, Jacksonville

He can further cement his legacy as the face of the franchise this week.

Derek Anderson, QB, Cleveland

He's gone from journeymen to Pro Bowl caliber and back. After a fat offseason contract, he may see his last start as a Brown this sunday.

Jaguars 27

Browns 17


I would also take this time to raise both of my middle fingers to the Tallahassee CBS affiliate for once again putting the Dolphins on over the Jaguars.