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Jaguars-Browns Postgame thoughts

I find myself incapable of reading anymore on the Heckscher-Olin theory of International Trade, so I feel like finally writing my thoughts on this one. While reading Ask Vic, this stat jumped out at me more than any other "The Jags are 30th in the league in sacks and 30th in the league in allowing third-down conversions."

In the course of two seasons, from the 2005 high water mark, this defense has collapsed. Mike Peterson would be "playing angry?" Ha, I won't miss him when we lose him to free agency this offseason. Unless the QB has Roethlisberger on his jersey, Mathis seems like an average corner. I hear Quentin Groves' name mentioned more often than Derrick Harvey, and that's only because Groves has a penchant for offsides penalties. How many times this season has an opposing QB had all day to throw and hit a receiver on a slant route for 9 yards on 3rd and 7? Also, that play on 4th and 1 that wasn't a TD only because of the Cleveland TE's speed, ugg. The Fire Gregg Williams Group is still accepting members. Also, as a lover of irony, I couldn't helped but be amused by this fact. Our defense finally got a 4th QT stop this week, while the team was trailing.

This is David Garrard's stat line from yesterday. 25-42 for 283 and 2 touchdowns. On, by the way, he was the team's leading rusher as well. 7 rushed for 59 yards. Only TWICE in the last 9 games has Fred Taylor and MJD combined for a 100 yards. We had Matt Jones give the best performance of a Jaguars receiver since Jimmy Smith hung it up, and once again, irony strikes in him dropping the game winning TD.

So, what now? Well, barring an "unfortunate" incident involving the Colts plane heading to an away game crashing into the Titans practice facility while the Titans were there, the division is all but mathematically gone. Nothing to do but make changes, hope things improve, and make a run at the wild card.