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Game Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals

Helmets_bengals_medium                                                    Jacksonville-jaguars-helmet_medium

When/TV: 1pm CBS

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul Brown Stadium

Forecast: 69 degrees at kickoff, 20% chance of rain

Author's Edit: Disregard anything I said about Carson Palmer, I screwed up on that one.


Well, after the bile has gotten out of my mouth from the Browns game, the Jaguars begin a two game road stand. Normally, these would be troublesome, but it helps when the teams you're playing at a combined 0-15. This is the cross road of the season. Either this team will make a San Diego-esque 2nd half rally and finish in the 10-12 win range to get a playoff spot, or this season can be written next to the 2000 season in terms of disappointment. Trips to Cincinncati and Detroit will hopefully be what the doctor ordered for the Jaguars.

Things to Watch For: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. David Garrard: Whoever still wants to call this guy a "Game Manager", I have news for you. If it weren't for the fact ESPN avoid covering the Jaguars like the plague he would have one of the Top 5 selling jerseys in the NFL right now.

2. Running Game: If this team can't run the ball against the Bengals, then it has no business being in the NFL.

3. Pass Defense: Yes, the Bengals have been awful, but that's still Carson Palmer under center and Ocho Cinco at WR.

4. Offensive Line: Just when things start to look up, we lose Chris Naeole. How can we respond now?

5. Determination: Will the team use this loss to Cleveland to propel them to the playoffs?


What to Watch For: Cincinnati Bengals

1. Ocho Cinco: Or should it be, Ochentaicinco? Either way, he may actually decide to show up to play this Sunday and could cause the Jaguars problems.

2. Carson Palmer: How did this guy fall so hard? Two seasons ago he was considered the best QB not named Brady or Manning.

3. The Police-Low blow, I admit.

4. Moral-Is this team even going to show up at 0-8?

5. Home Crowd Attendance-This could be ugly


Player on the Hotseat

David Garrard

This man is our offense, plain and simply


Jaguars 24 Bengals 6