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2008 NFL Blogger Deathsport: Weekly Picks and Open Thread

 Your humble narrator is having an awfully good stretch of luck with his NFL picks.  Amongst my blogging peers in the "Blogger Deathsport", I am in an astouding 2nd place overall. Considering how little I understand of NFL betting (spread, points, etc), this is proof that dumb luck is better than smarts.

Here are my picks, highlighted in bold for extra emphasis.  This post is also our early games open thread, as our Jaguars have an awfully long time before their game.  Remember to root for the Houston Texans to beat the Indianapolis Colts.  Also, rooting for Baltimore to beat the Titans would be nice as well, but not as effective for helping the Jaguars.

BUF @ ARZ (-1)

KC @ CAR (-9.5)

CHI (-3.5) @ DET

CIN @ DAL (off the board = straight up even)

TB @ DEN (-3)

ATL @ GB (off the board = straight up even)

IND (-3) @ HOU

PIT @ JAX (-4)

NE (-3) @ SF

SEA @ NYG (-7)

WAS @ PHI (-5.5)

SD (-6.5) @ MIA

TEN (-3) @ BAL


MIN @ NO (-3)

Score: 21-17, Vikings.