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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Game Thread/Live Blog

Welcome to the Big Show. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the feature entertainment as they face off with their historical rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Our friends at Behind the Steel Curtain will be live blogging the game, if you're interested in seeing what the terrible towels are thinking as the Jaguars envicerate their offensive line and send the Steelers home with a loss.

Yes, I'm being that confident about it. This was a long week, and all I've looked forward to was sitting at home, watching the game, and relaxing with a beer. Instead, I'll be watching the game on my Computer, at work, as I muck through a very long list of things to do.

So if you're having a beer during the game, have one for me. If you're in Missouri and watching the game, have a very tall vodka drink for me.

Consider this an open thread/live blog. I demand that since I can't watch this with friends, that we make a "sports bar" in the comments.

Jaguars Inactives

The Jaguars inactives are: Drayton Florence, Reggie Nelson, Chauncey Washington, Brad Meester, Chris Naeole, Jimmy Kennedy, Troy Williamson and Dennis Northcutt.

Dennis sits again. Wow.

Steelers Inactives

The Steelers inactives are: Dennis Dixon (third quarterback), Carey Davis, Willie Parker, Andre Frazier, Tony Hills, Nick Eason, Casey Hampton and Brett Keisel.

Get ready for game time folks, it's gonna be a good one!