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Jags-Steelers Postmortem

Where do we begin with this? The defense blowing its 5th straight 4th quarter lead? The glaring absence of a running game? Roethlisberger throwing for over 300 yards and the team allowing a journeyman to run for almost 100?

1. We had a rare sighting of the elusive Rashean Mathis in its natural habitat. Though once abundant, its natural ability to intercept opposing quarterbacks hasn't been seen often as of late. A more common sighting occurred, this the ritual of Brian Williams not covering an opposing wide receiver. It is unknown as to the significance of this ritual, but it is confirmed it gives the opposition 7 points.

2. On the other side, Matt Jones made alot of clutch throws. He has become the go to receiver for the Jaguars. Who would have thought I would ever say those words?

3. The running game has gone beyond using O-Line injuries as an excuse. If thats the root problem than we better be running for 200+ yards a game when Meester comes back.

4. Maybe I'm hitting the panic button but I don't care, I'm officially starting the "Fire Gregg Williams" movement.

5. This is the same defense from 04-06?