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Friday's Injury Report: Walker's Knee Still Not Healthy

[Editorial Note: Sorry y'all, I can't seem to get the Injury report to format correctly, so I've only included the players who will be missing the game and not all the players listed as probable. I'll post a link to the full report as well for anyone who wants to see the rest of it. -Collin]

Tomorrow is a must win game, and the Jaguars will have a mostly healthy team to compete with the injury ravaged Bengals. The Bengals sans Palmer should be easy prey for a hungry Jacksonville team. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been sacked 17 times in just 4 games, and the Bengals have given up a whopping 28 sacks through just 8 games. Harvey and Groves have a fantastic opportunity to really make an impact this game. Fitzpatrick doesn't make quick decisions, and can be shaken easily. The Bengals cut Willie Anderson, a 13 year veteran tackle who gave his best years to the team, and his replacement (Stacey Andrews) isn't playing well at all. This team makes constant personnel mistakes. No wonder they're so consistently horrible.

Mike Walker is still out. Talk about bad luck, this guy has the ability, size, and smarts to be a top NFL reciever, however, his knees seem to have other plans. I watched him play all through college and was thrilled when the Jags selected him. However, if he can't stay healthy then he'll have to go. I know he's got the tools to make it in the NFL, I just hope his knees co-operate. 

Rashean and Reggie are both expected to play Sunday, as is Matt Jones, who's three game suspension hasn't been fianlized yet. We're gonna need him again this week with Mike Walker out and Jerry Porter still MIA. Who would've thought that MJ had it in him. I am so proud of the way he's played and now I wish I'd bought one of his jerseys while they were on sale (The sporting stores expected him to be cut).

The Bengals lost the one player they couldn't afford to lose, Carson Palmer, and the team has struggled as a result. Chad Johnson is hobbled by a foot injury, but expect him to play and play well. I'd imagine we'll put Mathis on Johnson and use Florence on TJ Houshmandzadeh (He's better than Johnson anyway). Dexter Jackson is the teams starting safety and losing him should weaken the already porous pass defense of the Bengals. Let's make a statement gang... 

Prediction :  Jaguars 38-Bengals-10

Injury Report : Click here for full report


Mike Walker - Out (Knee) WR


Andre Caldwell - Out (Foot) WR

Dexter Jackson - Out (Hammy) S

Carson Palmer - Out (Elbow) QB

Jerome Simpson - Out (ankle) WR

Rashad Jeanty - Questionable (Foot) LB