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Jaguars' Links

10 Jags poised for a fine

Apparently, the NFL fines players whether they are trying to break up a fight or not.

Paul Spicer says the league's rule "is wrong"

Paul is one man who thinks that rule is ridiculous.

Has Mike Peterson's MLB spot been usurped by Daryl Smith

What a fall from grace... I think Del Rio saw that Daryl Smith clearly outplayed Mike at the MLB position. We're seeing a changing of the guard, and it is clear that this will be Peterson's last season as a Jaguar. If he doesn't start next week against the Titans, it means JDR saw what I saw Sunday.... Daryl Smith is a better MLB than Mike P.

5 Questions with Marcedes Lewis

This guy drops balls like crazy, but he's improving. He matched his career high for reception yards vs. the Lions, and he has become a force when blocking, although he's not where we need him to be yet.

Jack Del Rio gets heat from NFLN

Cowher needs to shut his trap. Del RIo hasn't lost the team and when "anchors" who ignore the Jags all season start to assert this, it makes me think someone else does their writing. Marshall Faulk thinks Del Rio let the locker-room get too lax.

Report card and player notes from the victory against the Lions

Even is down on Del Rio... Where is all this coming from. If we hadn't been decimated by injuries and we'd made a couple more plays in close games, we could be sitting real pretty. Close losses are NOT indicative of bad coaching. Blow-outs are.