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Drunk Message #1 for the Titans

You know, I remember lots of fond childhood memories. Alot of those are Jaguars games. I was there in the stadium when Morten Anderson missed that kick. I was there to meet the team after we beat the Broncos in the biggest upset since Super Bowl III. But sadly, the 1999 season is going to forever be in grained in my brain. First, we had to cancel our season tickets because of budget cuts to my dad's business. Then we manage to somehow lose our only two games to the Titans all year. Then the AFC title game comes around. It's in Alltell Stadium, the place is packed, you could cut the anticipation with a knife. My dad had a standing offer to get a hotel and 4 tickets, and seeing we're leading at halftime, he accepts it. Then the Titans proceed to unzip their pants and let loose on my childhood. I understand now the term "I've already had my heroes." But f*** you Tennessee for denying them their shot at immortality.


-John "Been talking to Jack Daniels too much tonight" Loesche