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Minnesota Vikings vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Game Time Thread!

Minnesota Vikings (5-5) GAME #11 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (4-6)
Date: November 23, 2008 Location: Jacksonville, FL
Time: 1:05 p.m. ET
Stadium: The Jack
Favorite: Vikings +2
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 40.5
High 65, Clear
Injury Report:
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SBN Coverage: Daily Norseman Coverage Map
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Final Score:

Minnesota Vikings - ?? :: Jacksonville Jaguars - ??

Inactives and Injuries:

The Jaguars go into this game in good health with no real surprises on the injury report:

William James, Omare Lowe, Chauncey Washington, Thomas Williams, Drew Miller, Milford Brown, Jimmy Kennedy and Troy Williamson.

Matt Jones will be back, so David Garrard will be comfortable with his 7-yard-slant safety blanket.

So you're saying there's a chance?

Yes, if the Jaguars win this game there is still a bizarre mathmatical chance that they stay alive in the playoff hunt.  So win the game.  All you'll have to do is run the ball on one of the best defensive lines in football and stop the run against the best running back in the NFL. 

How hard could it be?

This will be a game where it's very clear early on if the Jaguars are playing to win the game or if they're going through the motions and looking toward next season.  Lazy tackling, dropped balls, allowing yards after the catch, these are the things that indicate giving up.  You'll notice me get very upset in the live blog when I start to see people turning off the lights before the end of December.


When this game is over, I'd like to see the emergance of the "next leader" of the Jaguars.  Mike Peterson is leaving, so who's going to step up and be the vocal and emotional leader on the defense?  Is it someone like Daryl Smith in the middle?  Is it the impact and violence of a Clint Ingram tackle that gets the defense going?  Someone needs to rally this team and make a statement, this has to happen today.

On offense, we know who our leaders are.  David Garrard guides the ship, but it's Maurice Jones-Drew who keeps the heart beating.

On Troy Williamson:

Word of advice: Don't offer to fight your former coach during a game where you won't even be playing. 

We'll be live blogging the game, so if you're not AT the game, feel free to join us here!