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Jags-Vikes Postmortem

Yeah know, I started writing this column to rant and rave on how our season has gone downhill, how free agent acquisitions have become expensive mistakes rather than helpful players, and how today exemplified the term "Giving the game away." Then I looked at my icon and realized "Why So Serious?"

I'm a 20 year old with a nihilistic since about life who happens to like the Jaguars and has an internet connection. I write for a site that's currently debating about whether or not this team's head coach, GM, defensive coordiator, and probably at some point the waterboy should be fired. I sincerely doubt Mr.Weaver is going to have a revelation reading something I write and call me up to offer the GM job to me.

Just take a step back, smell the fresh air, and see that things as they are. The Jags are simply a 3 hour break we get 16, hopefully more, times a year from our lives.

That all being said, we still can't sign a good free agent to save this team's life and outside of some solid play by the defense despite the score, I wonder if this team has packed it in.


Also, it's officially Rivalry Week here at BCC, GO NOLES!!!