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"The Tao of Shack" Exhibit A : Draft Picks 2003-2005

As you all know, I'm a huge fan/supporter of James Shack Harris. I think the guy's got an eagle eye for talent, however, many of you disagree with me and believe it is time for Shack to be fired. Because of this I've started a new series called the "Tao of Shack" in which I'll try to convince those of you who disagree with me the err of your ways. I know this is an issue that splits our beloved Jaguar Nation. Some feel as I do that Shack needs to stay, while others don't. All I ask is one thing... Just listen with an open mind... enjoy!

Below I've compiled all of the draft picks of the James Shack Harris regime. I'll break it down year by year for you. Our first installment will cover Shack's first 3 drafts with the Jags, 2003, 2004, and 2005. Below the story I've compiled a list of ALL the team's draft picks each year, and the trades that took place that year as well. Being a savvy draft day trader has always been Mr. Harris' forte, and I think a mere glance over the deals he's made is enough to see he is an excellent negotiator. I've only discussed in detail the impact players chosen from each draft, whether they are still with the team or not.

2003's impact players : Rashean Mathis (2nd) Vince Manuwai (3rd) George Wrighster (4th) LaBrandon Toefield (4th).

Two of those players are stars, and 3 are still with the team. Wrighster showed his ability last season and hopefully we'll see a return to form with him back in the line-up. Toefield gave the Jags years of quality running and acted as a decent 3rd down and short yardage back during his tenure with the team. Vince Manuwai was perhaps our best lineman until he went down on IR earlier in the season. He is a beast of a run-blocker. Leftwich was the team's first round bust that year, and was Shack's first pick ever as Jaguars' GM.

2004's impact players : Reggie Williams (1st), Daryl Smith (2nd), Greg Jones (2nd, traded up to grab Jones), Ernest Wilford (4th), Josh Scobee (5th), Bobby McCray (7th),

Four players from that draft remain with the team, and I think you already know how important they are. Greg Jones and Daryl Smith are stars on the Jags roster and are still playing pro-bowl caliber football, Greg recently signed a long-term extension and look for Daryl to get his in the offseason. As for Reggie, his knee surgery earlier in the season has really been hampering his ability to create seperation this year. He seemed to be coming into his own last season, as he led the team in touchdown receptions, but he hasn't been able to reproduce that success again this year. The team may very well decide to void the final year of his contract which the have they option of doing because of the contract Reggie signed (Savvy negotiating again).

Ernest Wilford gave us his best years and was the definition of a solid possession receiver during his tenure with the Jags. Josh Scobee is still nailing out FG's and touchbacks every week, so I think he was clearly a great find in the 5th. Bobby McCray was perhaps the deal of the draft. He was taken with a 7th rounder and ended up giving us a 10 sack season. We let him walk in free agency because he wanted too much money. It turned out to be a brilliant move, as Bobby hasn't replicated his success in New Orleans yet... Sometimes it is just as important to know who NOT to give a contract extension to (Just like NOT signing Mike P to an extension in the offseason was an equally brilliant move).

2005's impact players : Matt Jones (1st) Khalif Barnes (2nd) Scott Starks (3rd), Alvin Pearman (4th) Gerald Sensabaugh (5th)

Matt Jones wouldn't have made this list last season, however, his stellar play up to now is reason to believe he's finally "clicking" at the WR position. Khalif Barnes has been a fixture at the left tackle spot for years now, and although he's been in some off the field incidents, he plays well and has allowed very few sacks this season. He shut down Jared Allen last week vs. Minnesota, so you know the guy's got talent. Scott Starks has been a valuable asset to the team since he was drafted in 2005. He's fast and has been an excellent CB for the Jags. If he wasn't on IR, he'd of been playing instead of "Will James". Do you think that would have made a difference in a few games?

Alvin Pearman was the very definition of an NFL utility man. He was solid in pass protection, was a third down change of pace back, and even returned punts. Alvin's greatest gift though... the draft pick we were able to trade him to the Seahawks for. Talk about a return on investment! Finally, the last impact player drafted was Gerald Sensabaugh. Gerald is now our starting SS and has regained his form this season after having surgery on both his shoulders and finishing last year on IR. The guy is a punishing tackler and will likely be resigned in the offseason.

All in all, I'd say that through the first 3 years of Shack's tenure, the Draft definitely wasn't his weak point. The guy has an eye for talent and nobody finds better small school players than James Harris does.

Next Installment : Draft History Part two, 2006-2008

1.21 WR Matt Jones Arkansas
2.20 OT Khalif Barnes Washington
3.23 DB Scott Starks Wisconsin
4.26 RB Alvin Pearman Virginia from NYJ; trade draft picks 2005 4.22; rec'd 2005 4.26, 6.11
5.21 SS Gerald Sensabaugh North Carolina
6.11 WR Chad Owens Hawaii from NYJ; trade draft picks 2005 4.22; rec'd 2005 4.26, 6.11
6.20 OLB Patrick Thomas North Carolina State
7.23 CB Chris Roberson Eastern Michigan
1.09 WR Reggie Williams Washington
2.07 OLB Daryl Smith Georgia Tech
2.23 FB Greg Jones Florida State from GB; trade draft pick 2004 3.07 and 4.06
3.23 LB Jorge Cordova Nevada-Reno from GB; trade draft pick 2004 3.09 plus rec'd draft pick 2004 4.22
4.22 DT Anthony Maddox Delta State from GB; trade draft pick 2004 3.09 plus rec'd draft pick 2004 3.23
4.24 WR Ernest Wilford Virginia Tech from BAL; trade WR Kevin Johnson
5.05 K Josh Scobee Louisiana Tech
5.18 CB Chris Thompson Nicholls State from NO; trade CB Jason Craft
5.27 OT Sean Bubin Illinois from HOU; trade draft picks (was from TEN; trade draft pick 2004 2.08, 3.08, 4.07 and 5.06 plus rec'd draft pick 2004 1.27)
7.48 DE Bobby McCray Florida compensatory pick
1.07 QB Byron Leftwich Marshall
2.07 CB Rashean Mathis Bethune-Cookman
3.08 OG Vince Manuwai Hawaii
4.07 TE George Wrighster Oregon
4.35 RB LaBrandon Toefield Louisiana State compensatory pick
6.03 DE Brandon Green Rice from CHI; trade draft picks
6.06 SS David Young Georgia Southern
6.20 OT Marques Ogden Howard from CHI; trade draft picks (was from NE; trade draft pick 2003 1.13 plus rec'd 2003 1.14)
7.04 RB Malaefou MacKenzie Southern California from CHI; trade draft picks