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No More Politics...

Alright, it was fun while it lasted, but the first ever BCC political forum is now officially closed. FSBlue and myself probably (read: definitely) shouldn't have opened the can of worms we did, but what's done is done. Perhaps this can be something we toy with once every election cycle for a day or so, but definitely not again for a LONG time. There was some great and lively discussion on the site, however, there was also some stuff that really had no place being printed. As of now all political discussion is banned once again from the site and any political comments or fan-posts will be deleted post-haste. We're all Jaguar fans, but, that doesn't change the fact that there is no quicker way to divide people than political discussions. I hope no one harbors any hard feelings about the exchange of ideas that took place, but please have no fear that as of tomorrow this site will be just as apolitical as before. 

Thanks for the lively debate Jaguar fans... we're all family here.