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Game Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions

Helmets_jaguars_medium                            Detroit-lions-helmet_medium

When/TV: 1pm CBS

Where: Detroit, Michigan, Ford Field

Weather: Dome


Hope is a well only fools drink. Hope has long since been replaced by Nickle beer night at Wrigley Field. Hope is the dream of Raiders fans that Al Davis didn't make a deal with the Devil to live forever. But you know what, Hope is all that 1980 USA Hockey team had against the Soviets. And Hope was all that 1996 Jaguars team had. At 4-7, down late to the Baltimore Ravens, Mark Brunell led a rally that launched us to the AFC Championship game. While my pick of the Jaguars to reach the Super Bowl currently looks like it was made with 8 inch thick Teal and Black glasses, let's see how the season goes.

Things to Watch For: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Mike Peterson-He has apparently be reinstated. Hopefully this lights a fire under him to play big today.

2. John Henderson-Much the same as Peterson. Big John has been underperforming. Injuries may be to blame for most of it, but lets see if he can have a big day.

3. MJD and Greg Jones: If Fred really is more hurt than he's letting on, expect him to be phased out abit of the rotation if he doesn't heal.

4. David Garrard/Matt Jones: I would just put offense here, but.......

5. Demeanor: This game can tell us alot about the character of this team. Either they show up and try to salvage this season, or we can begin discussing about who we should draft with our top 10 pick.

Things to Watch for: Detroit Lions

1. Daunte Culpepper: Everyone's favorite UCF Golden Knight is back in the NFC North where he had his heyday as a Viking. Hard to believe this guy is only a few years removed from being one of the most prolific QBs in football.

2. Ernie Sims: If he does play Sunday, he's one of the best Linebackers in the league. Not good for an Oline that can't open holes to begin with.

3. Calvin Johnson: The human freek could benefit from an arm like Culpepper's. Then again, Detroit is where receivers go to die.

4. Motivation: My biggest fear is both of these teams show up not caring at all about the game Sunday. Yay sloppy football.


Player on the Hot Seat
Daunte Culpepper, QB, Detroit

Culpepper will be making his first start. Situations like this lead to one of two things. Either it complicates things even further or he could spark the Lions to victory, and Jaguar fans to the bottom of the bottle.

Jaguars 27 Lions 13