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Jags Behaving Badly... Porter Apologizes to Jones and Henderson Catches a Break

The end is near... I say that because something rarer than an apocalyptic asteroid slamming into Earth has occured... JOEY Porter just apolagized to Matt Jones. In case you didn't get that...I said PORTER APOLOGIZED! That is the first time in his career (I think) he has actually taken back something he said.

Some of you may remember the post from last night where it was reported that Matt had fired back at Joey Porter for questioning why Matt was still playing the game and not already suspended. However, the post had to be pulled because some of the comments had become downright offensive. THIS IS NOT THE JAGUARS.COM MESSAGE BOARDS PEOPLE. Cursing, bigoted terms, and hateful speech will NOT BE TOLERATED. Chris pointed out to me that some on the site had used to the term "fag", in addition to other derogatory comments about gay people, and he had to take the story down as a result. This is a site for everyone, and no bigotry will be allowed. Chris, John, and myself (as well as the majority of posters on the site) don't want that trash anywhere on BCC. We haven't discussed banning users based on their comments, but I can assure you that if that kind of garbage shows up in the comments again, Chris will probably ask (or just tell, he is the boss after all) me and John about the possibility of kicking certain people off the site. Please... PLEASE don't do that again guys (and gals). I love this site and I love you guys [in a macho brotherly love type of way ;)], and there really is no place for that kind of stuff on this site.

Now, on to Porter's comments. Porter apparently was remorseful and realized he had no business calling out another player like that to make a point. Here's the quote.

Matt, I’m sorry to bring it up,” Porter said today. “I wasn’t trying to use you like that.”

“They asked me a tough question, and when you ask me a question I’m going to give a real answer,” Porter said. “It’s not like I’m not the only guy that even thought about that. You have guys getting fined for all kinds of stuff and this happens and you see nothing happens. What do you get fined for? So what is good and what’s not good. I’m still trying to figure that out. I’m not even trying to get in a war of words with Matt Jones. I apologize for using you, but you were the example that was clear to everybody.”

Porter clearly still doesn't grasp the appeals process, and apparently nobody has bothered to explain it to him yet (or he's to stupid to understand it). At least he apologized to Matt though, and I guarantee he wouldn't have done that had Matt not called him out about running his trap. What do y'all think about Matt firing back, was he showcasing his ignorance by calling Porter out while he's awaiting an appeal, or did he do the right thing and assert himself. I think Matt calling Porter out is indicitive of the transformation Matt has undergone this year. No longer is he so laid back that nothing bothers him. He's picked up his intensity level on the field and in the locker-room and I for one am thrilled with his improvements.

Matt is currently ranked 5th in the league for first-down receptions with 34 of his 45 catches resulting in first-downs. To say the guy is having a break-out season is a vast understatement. Matt came into the season making around 660k and having 2 years left on his contract (2008 and 2009). He may have earned a contract extension in the offseason with his superb play this year, and that wouldn't be a bad move for a frugal front office. If they can sign him to an extension after the season at 1.8 million or so a year, that would be fantastic because if he has another year next season like this season, he'll be much more expensive than that. Another option the Jags have is to not sign him and allow him play out his contract, then to tender him at a 2nd round level (a la' Sensabaugh). This will be possible because once the current labor deal expires, a player will have to have 6 years in the NFL to be eligible for unrestricted free agency, as opposed to 4 under the current CBA. Either way, the team holds the bargaining chips.

On to Big John Henderson. There was some fear the John may be suspended for his obvious attempt to forcibly remove the eyes of Bengal lineman Andrew Whitworth. Luckily all John got was a $10,000 dollar fine, the same punishment Whitworth received. That's a huge break because we really couldn't afford to lose Big John for even one game. We caught a break on this one folks.