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Ideal Scenario Week 10: We Need Help!

At 3-5 and without many tiebreakers, the Jags are gonna need some assistance to make a playoff run this year (Unless they win every game for the rest of the season). Like I've said previously, 10-6 may not cut it without some other teams faltering. If we went 11-5, we'd definitely secure a playoff birth, but that's highly unlikely to occur. 


Cincinnati - Buffalo - Cleveland - Pittsburgh

The biggest loss comes from Cleveland, who we now need to completely collapse in the second half of the season. They lost to Denver on Thursday, which was Ideal because Denver is a team we want to win their division since San Diego has imploded and likely has no chance at a playoff run this year.


Denver @ Cleveland - Denver won (IDEAL) Brady Quinn played very well, he has the look of a pro QB.

Baltimore @ Houston - Houston winning would be ideal because the Ravens have a 2 game lead on us now and are in direct competition for a Wild-Card. Luckily, we play them the last game of the season and that game may determine whether we get a playoff berth or not.

Seattle @ Miami - Always root for the NFC in an AFC vs NFC match-up, unless it's a team we want to win their division. Plus Miami is ahead of us in the Wild-Card race

St. Louis @ New York Jets - Always root for the NFC in an AFC vs NFC match-up unless it's a team we want to win their division. The Bills need to win the AFC East (because they own the tie-breaker against us), so the Jets must continue to lose even though we all love Brett.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh - Pitt must win their division. Indianapolis' reign in the AFC has come to an end. 

Kansas City @ San Diego - San Diego is still a talented organization so we'd like to go ahead and put them out of contention for a Wild-Card. One more loss and they're all but eliminated. 


Buffalo @ New England - Buffalo needs to get back on track to win the division. They are currently behind the division leading Patriots, and with the league's easiest schedule, it looks like the Patriots are a lock to gobble up one of the Wild-Card spots. I hate Beel Beelichick (thanks Cartman... that never gets old), and I'll hate him even more if he makes the playoffs again this season. everyone will say it's because he's a great coach, but it's really a product of their schedule. He'll ALWAYS be a cheater in my book.