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Del Rio Deactivates Peterson and Fines Him 10k

Jack Del Rio continues to clean up the locker room. It was announced today that Mike Peterson will be deactivated for today's game against Detroit. In addition to that, Jack imposed a $10,000 fine on Mike for conduct detrimental to the team. I expect this will be a one week ordeal and that Peterson will be back in the line-up next week when we face the Titans. Del Rio is merely trying to send a signal that nobody is above reprieve, not even a LB who has been the team's defensive leader for years. This is about taking control of the locker-room and setting an example. 

So far, Mike has responded like a mature adult, lets he continues to take this latest news in stride as well. I'd hate for us to have to release him before the season is over because we'd still have to pay him his entire salary (A players salary for that year is fully guaranteed if that player is on the roster opening day). The guy still has some juice in the tank, albeit significantly less than he used to, and he's still an emotional team leader. This week we'll get a chance to see how our other 3 star LB's due when Mike's not in the line-up. It'll be a good gauge of where we'll be at the position next year. Also we'll get to see how Daryl Smith does at MLB, I expect he'll out-play Peterson. 

Is this too harsh? Did Del Rio already make his point by sending Mike home 2 days in a row, or was this final fine and deactivation necessary to drive the point home to Mike and the rest of the team?

I fully support Del Rio in this maneuver and hope it bears the fruit he expects it to.