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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Detroit Lions: Live Blog/Open Thread

Vic Ketchman just said something that I'm adopting as my benchmark for this game. If the Jaguars cannot get pressure on the quarterback in this game, against this offensive line, against a 280 pound Daunte Culpepper, then it's time to blow it up and start all over.

Derrick Harvey needs to show something today. I was thinking about the NFL draft and listening to Jaguars this Week and I learned that the "perfect day" for the Jaguars would have been drafting Jeff Otah for the offensive line or Lawrence Jackson at defensive end. Both players have shown more than our current flock of picks, that's for sure.

Of course, I'm breaking my own rule about not judging a draft pick during the middle of their first season, but when you're already worried about the Jaguars letting the Lions escape with a win, you get a little bit cynical.

I've not plugged him nearly enough, but Sean over at Pride of Detroit writes one of the most fantastic sports blogs out there. I'd strongly encourage you to pay him a visit!

As for me, I'll be watching along with nearly undivided attention. Thank god this election is behind me.