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Just some random musings

The recent report that Jack “Shack” Harris may be out saddens me.  Not from a professional point of view, but from a human side.  I hope, if it is true, it turns out best for everyone including him.  First round choices aside, the Jaguar team is mostly made up of draft choices and they do have a strong winning tradition. He did a lot right.


I would be really proud of the Jaguar organization if they treated Fred Taylor with respect and let him play it out right here in front of us.  Nothing brought me to my feet faster than “There goes Fred!!!”  I want more of those moments.  I think season ticket sales might be better if they did let him retire here. 


As for Maurice Jones Drew being a featured back, I am not sure.  In his first season, he hurt people who tried to tackle him. In his second season he dropped Shawne Merriman and made a name for himself.  This season it looks like he is the target and knocking MJD out is the NFL standard of toughness.  He isn’t getting up as quick as I remember and there have been a few times the crowd held their breath.  I think the combination of him and Fred is best for the both of them.


I think it would be very funny if Matt Jones publically called out his coach about his body language along the sidelines.  Matt actually looks like he is having fun and Jack clearly isn’t. Plus summer vacation starts early Matt.  DON”T GO HOME! 


Jack Del Rio says he isn’t going to walk around all worried and give off a negative attitude.  That is a lot easier to do when YOU AREN’T THE ONE GETTING LET GO!  Try saying that when your job is actually on the line.  I wonder if Jack has a wee bit of arrogance in him. That is the right attitude, however.


I don’t know why but I am warming up to Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves. I actually think they both might provide some moments of excitement next year.  I like Groves better, not as a football player, but as a performer.  He tried to get the crowd into it.


Jerry Porter is a bust, but isn’t because of the injury?  I remember that huge smile he had when he came here and how hard he worked in the OTAs.  I really can’t bring myself to believe he scammed his way into the money.  Now Drayton Florence is a different story.  That was a mistake and however spoke for him inside the organization probably hid in a Men’s room stall and hasn’t been seen since.


So did John Henderson get a girlfriend who changed him into a cuddly Pooh Bear?  I remember 2006 when he personally called out the opponents’ offense and then demanded the crowd rise to their feet.  I swear on the big screen he looked like he had fangs. He scared me and I was sitting in the stands.  Not anymore, that silly ol bear. 


So does Jack hate his team and the team hates him?  That is what they are saying.  If that is true, they better kiss and make up soon, or else Big Hen should start slapping Jack before the game.