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Breaking News: Fred Taylor Put on IR

[Editor's Note: This was originally posted by Sam Jags but I felt it was needed to be put on the front page-John]

Taylor Done for the Year

It's over guys. Fred Taylor was just put on IR around lunch. Don't worry though, his press conference today made it seem like he will definitely be back next year. I really wish him all the best. Here is an excerpt detailing today's events.

Jaguars running back Fred Taylor will miss the rest of the season because of a thumb injury.

Taylor will be placed on injured reserve for the final three games after tearing ligaments in his left thumb Sunday at Chicago. Taylor had hoped to play though the injury, but a second opinion confirmed the need for season-ending surgery.

“I’m going to play football and I’m going to play football here,” Taylor said in his farewell press conference, which he used to reaffirm his intention to continue his career and remain with the Jaguars in 2009. “As long as I know what my role is, I’ll embrace it and go forward.”