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Green Bay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Live Blog/Open Thread

Green Bay Packers(5-8) GAME #14 Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)


December, 14th 2008

Location: Jacksonville,FL
Time: 1 p.m. ET
Stadium: Jacksonvillle Municipal Stadium
Favorite: Packers -1.5
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 45
Weather: High 60, Windy
Injury Report: Click Here
SBN Coverage: Acme Packing Company Coverage Map Click here if you want to get depressed


ESPN is reporting that Gregg Williams will not be with the Jaguars in 2009. He was basically on a one year deal anyhow, but this confirms it. Gregg's defense did not match the players and led to some terrible play. I was awfully excited about Williams, but that was completely misplaced.

James Harris Speaks Out:

Big Cat Country favorite Michael Wright has a fantastic interview with GM James Harris. Read it here, we'll talk about it on Monday. It's as close to required reading as you can get.

The Offensive Offense:

Matt Jones, Greg Jones, Fred Taylor and Jerry Porter will all be absent. Not that Porter actually playing would make a difference (11 catches for 10 Million Dollars), but it's going to be a seriously depleated offense as the Jaguars take on the Packers.

Speaking of Fred Taylor, it seems that the "insiders", of Brian Sexton and Vic "weakest leak" Ketchman have come to the conclusion that he's going to be back next season. According to them, Fred will cut two million from his 6 million salary next season, and move into his backup role behind Maurice Jones-Drew. Fred, according to Vic, gave him "a wink" that was code for "I'm retiring", but then changed his mind. I, for one, am very much OK with that. Fred Taylor needs to get 1,042 yards to pass Jim Brown and probably assure his place in the Hall of Fame. It's awfully easy to argue someone's acceptance into Canton if you retort any criticism with "He ran for more yards than Jim Brown".

Speaking of Matt Jones, I heard that he had a conversation with Jack Del Rio as he left for his season-ending suspension that indcated that "this season was only the begining". Matt's not known for being a terribly passionate guy, so this is something I'm looking forward to see develop over the offseason.

Mike Walker is finishing up what can only be described as the "Worst Week Ever", having buried his best friend and his father in the same few days. He's playing today and will do so with a heavy heart. Walker is going to need to show something positive in the last few weeks of the season, but if it's not today, I'll understand.