Ask BigBlueShoe: Week 16

[Note by River City Rage, 12/17/08 9:13 AM EST ] Holy crap this has gotten ugly.  Be nice or I'll shut this down.

Hi Jaguars fans. BBS here from Stampede Blue. Seems like forever ago that our two teams met in Week Three. That game ended under some controversy, and though it helped Jacksonville snag its first win, the Jags seem to have struggling mightily since. Playing and winning in Jacksonville is not easy. Tony Dungy recently said this game will be "like a playoff game," and I agree with him. While the Jags have looked about as motivated as a horde of zombies on Quaaludes, this week I get the sense they will be HIGHLY motivated to play well. For whatever reason, your Jags come alive when they play the Colts.

I'm here once again to asnwer any questions you may have about Indy. The team is different since the Jags last played them, and they are expecting back several key players this week, like Bob Sanders and Joseph Addai.

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