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Three Jaguars to Injured Reserve: Waste of Money edition


The Jacksonville Jaguars made several roster moves today.  Wide Receiver Jerry "one million dollars per catch" Porter, Defensive Tackle Tony McDaniel, and Linebacker Daryl Smith were placed on Injured Reserve.

The loss of Smith means that Mike Peterson will make his final game in Jacksonville as the starter.  He deserves a standing ovation, his six years with the team have been outstanding and without a doubt he is the best free-agent pickup in the last 8 years.

Losing Porter is far less significant.  Jaguars Reporters, the monday radio show, seemed to indicate that Jerry is gone when the season is over.  I'd be curious to see where this ranks in the all-time bad free agent signings.  I don't care how expensive he was, nobody could be worse than Hugh Douglas.

The Jaguars, for the record, now have seven starters on Injured resrve with a total of 13 players done for the season.

The Jaguars signed DB Calvin Lowry and OG Cameron Stephenson.  Ever notice that when the Jaguars put someone on IR, they never sign someone at the position that was cut? 

Oh, in 6 minutes, the Pro Bowl roster will be announced.  I'm gonna go on a limb and assume there are zero Jaguars on the roster.