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These Jaguars can play!

Look, forget the fact they lost, we are looking to next year. These Jaguars can play.

The game was decided on two plays; David Gerrard threw a horrible interception, and Reggie Nelson missed an assignment and a tackle.  Reggie has done that all year.

The fans showed up in force. The spirit was strong. Gerald Sensabaugh played lights out and needs to be resigned.

Your next year Jaguars will be Dennis Northcut, Marcedes Lewis, MJD, Fred, Matt Jones and David.  The O-Line needs rebuilt but held up well.

The defense needs a shut down corner or safety. We are too open there. But that is all. This team is not that broken.

Chris, Collin and I had a great time and saw a great game. Take heart, this team is not dead and the fans have not left.  All is close to being well again.

Stay tuned to Big Cat Country as we track the off-season. It will all come together.

What is your opinion on what needs done?