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Holiday Thoughts


So after the bitter tone of my last article, I figured I would help clear the air a bit. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and if I don't make an appearance, Happy New Year to everyone here who reads and posts here at Big Cat Country.

Another year has come and gone, we've had thrills and chills, laughed and cried, and in the end, lived the human experience. In a year where many of us still have friends and family in Afghanistan and Iraq, where at one point I was making contingency plans for when paper money was going to be worthless, and we had the most heated Presidential election in recent history, we find ourselves again in this season of family, feast, and togetherness.

It also makes me look back on things, and as they say, put them in their proper perspective, I see where football should be in life. Rather than getting depressed over Ben Roethlisberger making an amazing play to beat us on Sunday Night Football, I should have spent more time at the gym. Rather than worry about whether Derrick Harvey was a bust, I should have spent sometime during the Jags game calling my mom.

To Chris, Collin, and Terry, thanks for letting me be part of the best site on the internet. To those who've commented or read any of my articles, thank you for your input. Just remember, this is the season to forget all of our troubles of the past year and move on.

-John , One of the wisest things my dad ever told me after being disappointed Santa didn't bring a secret gift I wanted all year and knew my family couldn't afford was "It's called Christmas, not Giftmas" and maybe more people need to hear that