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Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens: Game Thread

Baltimore Ravens (10-5) GAME #16 Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10)


Date: December, 28th 2008 Location: Baltimore, MD
Time: 4:15 p.m. ET
Stadium: The Crabcake
Favorite: Ravens -12.5
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 35.5
High  58, Clear
Injury Report:
Injury Report
SBN Coverage: Baltimore Beatdown
Coverage Map
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I'm opening the thread a few hours early in case people have comments about the early games and possible playoff ramifications. Some notes as we go forwards


-The 2009 seasons is as follows, At home, Houston, Indy, Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Arizona, St. Louis and Kansas City. On the road, Houston, Indy, Tennessee, New England, Jets, San Francisco, Seattle and Cincinnati or Cleveland (whichever finishes last in the AFC North). A Cincinnati win and a Cleveland loss today would send the Jaguars to Cleveland next season.

Good news, we play the weakest division in football in the NFC West. Bad news, we play one of the toughest in the AFC East, and neither of their big draws are at home. Unless this team catches fire next year, I think we'll sadly see the return of blackouts to a few games. If I had to take a stab, biggest risks at St.Louis, Arizona, and Buffalo.

-Garrard is the Jaguars first 16 game starter since Brunell in 2000. I think this is a really underappreciated thing, especially in light of all the sacks he's taken. Hopefully that'll pay more dividens next year.

-Regardless of a win or loss were guranteed a top 10 pick in next year's draft.

- Per Vic's Blog

Jaguars inactives: Nate Hughes, Calvin Lowry, Thomas Williams, Cameron Stephenson, Mkristo Bruce, Atiyyhah Ellison, Jordan Black and Paul Smith (third QB). I'm serious, those are the inactives.

Also, to any Detroit fans out there, here's a toast to you.