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The 2008 Jacksonville Jaguars in Retrospect: Doubt Creeps In

Alright, I'll be honest. As I pen this article, I'm beginning to have doubts about the Jaguars' front office. Three weeks ago I began trumpeting the positives of our GM Shack Harris. However, What I've seen lately has been nothing short of abhorrent. I keep patiently waiting for Jerry Porter and Drayton Florence to show up to play ball, however, week after week I'm disappointed. The relatively easy drop by Porter in Monday's game was the straw that broke the camel's back, and may have been the turning point in the game.

Drayton Florence is constantly getting beat. He's a prototypical cover 2 corner, but we're playing the guy in a single high set-up. Why draft and sign players for one system, and then go hire a Def. Coordinator who specializes in man-to-man and blitzing schemes. The coaching staff and front office haven't been on the same page all year, and it shows.

I'm beginning to think we're going to see Shack fired before the first of the year, and Gene Smith promoted to GM. Harvey, Groves, Florence, and Porter have all been disasters thus far. Harvey and Groves have excuses, they're first year players and will take time to develop. The real fault is on JDR and Shack Harris (and us fans), for thinking a couple of rooks could really impact the season.

Harris bet the farm, and came up WAY short. I hope the cat stays, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone. I'm not sure any of the other deals Harris could've made would've been any better. Jason Taylor has been hurt and Jared Allen hasn't been the same force he was in KC. Add to that the fact that most of the early picks in the draft are underperforming, and it seems like there really wasn't a quick fix. That being said, I don't see the killer instinct a DE needs from Harvey. I see it from Groves, but he doesn't have the physical tools Harvey does. I'm not throwing Harvey under the bus, I'm still a major proponent of the guy, I'm just calling it like I've seen it thus far. We all have to hope that these two DE's really come on next year. We need one of them to step up and become another Tony Brackens for this team.

I like the skill set and natural size and speed of Derrick, but I'm dissatisfied with Ted Monachino's ability to coach up the guy. Ted was given a first and a second round pick and hasn't been able to get hardly anything out of either player. Ted, some guys coach their whole career and never get the opportunity to teach a 1st rounder. You got two players rated as first rounders in the same year and haven't gotten anything out of them. I'm officially calling for your head Teddy... The Defensive line has been a source of weakness for this team, and it is on YOU. John Henderson isn't playing with his usual intensity. Jimmy Kennedy (A former first rounder as well) was brought in and you couldn't help salvage his career. That's three first rounders with tons of natural ability, and bup-kiss for production. Rob Meier and Paul Spicer are having the worst season of each one's career, and the only bright spot I've seen is Derek Landri. Fire Todd Monachino, regardless of what's done with Shack. Ted must go, there must be accountability in the coaching ranks.