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The Trifecta is Broken: Gene Smith to have final say!

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars can Rejoice today, the consensus based decision making of the front office is no more! 

At the year-end Press Conference, Jack Del Rio confirmed that incoming Director of Player Personnel Gene Smith will have the final say in personnel decisions:

“Gene has the con,” Del Rio said. “Gene has the final say in personnel matters and I have the final say in coaching matters.”


As we discussed last week, the previous system of consensus based decision making has done nothing but produce poor outcomes.  Giving Gene Smith "the con", as they say, means that there will be responsiblity and accountablity in player decisions.  I can't express how happy this makes me.  This is a significant break-point from previous Jaguar administrations and a sign that there will be differences in the Smith-Del Rio era that the Harris-Smith-Del Rio lacked.

As soon as I have the full transcript of the Del Rio year-ender, I'll have more in-depth analysis.