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New Year's Day: Top 5 Bowls to Watch

Edit: So I gave in to peer pressure and decided to post my mug on this site. Happy New Year, and ironically enough the Gator Bowl was the best game today.


There's no better day for watching sports then New Years Day. The College Bowls Games have a chance to quell the ever presents howls for an actual playoff, and it's one of the few days out of the year I get to cure my hangover by making another drink. My Top 5 things to watch


5. Cotton Bowl

Yeah I know it's not until January 2nd, but it's still a traditional game. Texas Tech I think got a shaft in the entire Texas-Oklahoma debate while we may see the Jaguars first round pick in Ole Miss Left Tackle Michael Oher.

4. Captial One Bowl

Aka the disappointment bowl, Georgia was my pick to win the national title and Michigan State is a collapse away from the Rose Bowl. However, two of the nation's best running backs are going agiainst each other in Jevon Ringer and Knowshon Moreno.

3. Orange Bowl

Higher then a lot of people have it. However, I think it'll be a good game between two evenly matched teams.

2. Rose Bowl

I know most people here are predicting USC by at least 10 points. But I think Joe Pa has some kind of black magic for this game. While I won't go quite so far as to say the Lions pull the upset, I think they'll give USC their best bowl game since that classic vs Texas in 2006.

1. NHL Winter Classic

Hockey season really begins. Anyone who watched the game last year knows it was the best game on. Red Wings, Black hawks, Wrigley Field, Outdoor hockey=AWESOME!