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Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in need of $148 million in renovations according to team

Quick facts for those who didn't click on the article

-It cost $140 million to build the stadium in 1993-94. Another $63 million of renovations were done in anticipation of the Super Bowl

-According to Peyton, this isn't being used as leverage for a possible move

-It is to keep the stadium competitive with others in the league

-It breaks down as follows

Audio-visual: $4.4 million
Building system upgrades, including air-handling equipment, plumbing and boiler system: $18.1 million
Seating repairs and replacement: $15.4 million
Exterior finish: $2.4 million
Various equipment, including storage, trash bins and forklifts: $4.6 million
Food service equipment: $6.2 million
Handheld communications: $560,000
Interior finishes: $24.3 million
Scoreboards: $867,000
Video boards: $37.6 million
Security: $200,000
Sound systems: $5 million
Telecommunications: $1.8 million
Waterproofing: $5.8 million
“Other,” which includes parking lot and elevator maintenance: $21 million

This may seem like a great deal, but considering alot of the new stadiums opening in the next few years are pushing the billion dollar mark, it's comparitively cheap. Still, I think it's a bad PR move by the team, considering the stadium is less than 5 years removed from a major renovation and the economy we're in.