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Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears Game Preview

Chicago Bears (6-6) GAME #13 Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8)
Date: December, 7st 2008 Location: Chicago,IL
Time: 1 p.m. ET
Stadium: Soldier Field
Favorite: Even
Radio: Click Here Over/Under: 40
High  18, Cloudy
Injury Report:
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SBN Coverage: Windy City Gridiron Coverage Map
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Well this certainly wasn't the game CBS thought it would be when they decided to use one of their protections on this game. Heading into this season this game was thought to be a pesky road block on the Jaguars hopes of a division championship.

Now it represents a game where Coach Del Rio's career could be on the line. This team can't afford to come out and give the kind of performance they've had the last two weeks, The Jaguars are 1-5 since their Bye Week, and their one win is against perhaps the worst Pro team since Tampa Bay's first year. So can the Jaguars pull out a win in their first trip to the new Soldier Field?

Things to Watch For: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. David Garrard: The Bears pass defense is among the worst in the league and exploiting that will be a must in this game. Garrard was money last year in snowy trips to Pittsburgh and the weather will be similar in Chicago.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew: He has steadily become the feature back, but with that we have seen some set backs. We still have to see if he can become a 20 carry a game kind of guy.

3. Derrick Harvey: For the second week in a row Harvey will be matched up against a struggling tackle. Even a flash of why he was a Top 10 pick in this game would be nice.

4. Run the Ball/Stop the Run: The Bears are perhaps the most famous team in football for this, and it would perhaps bring some moxy back if we could do it to them.

5. Can the cold weather also cool Del Rio's hot seat?: Del Rio has December wins in Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Soldier Field is another notorious bad weather site that may be on his conquered list.

Things to Watch for: Chicago Bears

1. Matt Forte: If it weren't for the fact Chris Johnson is playing for a 11-1 team, everyone would be saying Forte is the best rookie running back. Already over a thousand yards, stopping him and putting it in Kyle Orton's hands is a must.

2. Brian Urlacher: Still one of the best Linebackers in the game, he must be accounted for on every play. The less he says hello to MJD, Fred, and David the better.

3. "Passing" Game: Kyle Orton is certainly abit of a step up from Rex Grossman, but that's like saying you've stepped up from the fat girl to the one with really bad acne. Still with Rashean Mathis out, I'm sure the Bears will test the secondary.

4. Motivation: The Bears are still in the thick of the NFC North race, but a 34-14 loss to the Vikes last week has them behind the 8 ball. Will they come out fired up or resigned to not making the playoffs?

5. Home Field: It will be "Bear Football Weather" Sunday. Can they make the team from Florida wilt?

Player on the Hot Seat:
Matt Forte, RB, Chicago

He makes Chicago's offense go. Unlike the Jaguars, the Bears don't have a QB who can bailout a nonexistent running game.

Bears 23       Jaguars 14

Matt Jones met with league officials Thursday as the final part of the appeals process. We will know by midweek if he is successful or not.