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Jaguars fall to Bears 23-10: Welcome to a losing season

Bear10b_medium   DEFEAT  Black-baby-jaguar_medium

And then it was official:

The Jacksonville Jaguars will finish no better than 7-8 after losing to the Chicago Bears 23-10.  I, for one, am disgusted by the performance.  It's cold, the playoffs are gone, but going out there and playing without a shred of dignity is simply outrageous.  I especially don't understand the lazy effort by the receivers.  With the accumulation of game tape, the coaches are going to know who gave up and who tried to prove their worth.

Then again, we've got a lame-duck defensive coordinator and more than a few assistants that might be packing their bags.  Could the whole damn thing be rotten from top to bottom? 

There were some bright spots, both Groves and Harvey had their moments, though against the worst Left Tackle in football they should have blasted Orton a few dozen times.  The Running Game broke 100 yards, with about 50 each for Fred and Maurice. The Wide Receivers couldn't do a thing, David Garrard went to halftime having only completed 4 passes, all to Maurice Jones-Drew.

Game Balls

Fred Taylor became the 16th in all time rushing yards passing O.J. Simpson.  He also ran like he had something to play for, unlike just about everyone else today.

Gerald Sensabaugh gets the defensive game ball, he's playing like he's looking for a contract, which he is.

Where do we go from here?

The Green Bay Packers are next on the Jaguars schedule, followed by a short week against the Indianapolis Colts.  I remember not many months ago thinking that December 18th would be when the Jaguars and Colts would decide the AFC South in Jacksonville on Thursday night.  Now I just hope we show enough dignity so I don't have to hear too much trash-talking from Stampede Blue.

Your thoughts?