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Breaking News: Matt Jones Suspended by NFL

Matt Jones’ season is over. The NFL announced on Tuesday that Jones has been suspended without pay for the final three games of the 2008 season, for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Jones suspended by league

More on this as it develops.

[Edit-Figured I was gonna have to run out the door right as I typed but apparently not so]

My thoughts on this? Is it that big of a loss in the grand scheme of things? Not for a team that is 4-9. Still I feel this is the NFL trying to save face. Well good luck Matt, continue to get your life in order, and hopefully you'll help get us back to the playoffs in 2009.


Also in the rumor mill, Pro Football talk lends credence to the idea Shack Harris will be let go.


-John "Son Et Lumiere/Intertiatic E.S.P."