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Jack Del Rio gives out Title Twisters

Har Har Har...

Seriously though, it appears that Jack Del Rio has finalized his coaching staff through the awarding of titles , thereby establishing who controls what.

Your NEW 2008 Jacksonville Jaguars Coaching Staff!

  • Gregg Williams--defensive coordinator/assistant head coach, defense.
  • Donnie Henderson--secondary coach.
  • Thom Kaumeyer--assistant secondary coach.
  • Ted Monachino--defensive line coach.
  • Tom Williams--defensive assistant.
  • Nate Kaczor--assistant special teams coach.
No real surprise there, except for the rendering of Thom Kaumeyer as assistant secondary coach.  Though from day one I assumed that Donnie Henderson would be the lead guy in the defensive backfield, the hiring of Thom Kaumeyer led some to say that he'd be the big boss of the Cornerbacks and Safeties.  Regardless, we've got our team together, so I just wanted to tell them something really really important, since they clearly listen to me.

Please, please don't mess this up.  The Jaguars are on the cusp of greatness, they don't need much to put them over the top.  So please, do this right.