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Free Agency Sneak Peek: Who's worth the money?

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Free Agency, as we know, begins at the stroke of midnight on February 29th.  Which gives us two reasons to celebrate: leap day and the beginning of the mass spending and crazy rumor filled hype of Free Agency.  It's like a team is reborn with every signing.  The hype drum is banged by the media, and all of a sudden the most hopeless team has a real shot, at least in theory.  It's the shedding of the failures of the previous season and the start of a new era.  It's the point in time where teams and fans move on from the 2007 season and begin to salivate at the possiblities of the 2008 campaign.  Everyone is undefeated, everyone made the best signing, and most importantly, everyone has something to argue about when their team is insulted.  

" [Your team here] won't do anything in 08, look at what they did last season", someone might say to you.

" Screw that, we signed [Overpaid Free Agent], he'll turn around our [disappointing element of team]", you reply.

It's unbeatable logic because as far as we know right now that new signing might be the difference.  We've got months upon months to keep on convincing ourselves and those around us that our moves made all the difference and that somehow this season is the one.  It's a wonderfully refreshing process of cleansing and rebirth, and I love every second of it.

Now enough waxing poetic, let's get to the list.  These are in a sort of stolen order, care of Pete Prisco, mainly because I agree with his rankings in principal, though there will be tweaks.  My comments will address the likelihood of Jacksonville considering the guy.  And whatever else I might think about said free agent.

  1. Antwan Odom, DE, Tennessee Titans: Antwan is my number one choice for the Jaguars to acquire as a free agent.  Here are my reasons: a. he's good, 8 sacks last season, b. addition by subtraction against the Titans.  That's not a "grown up" reason for wanting a guy, but don't fault me for wanting to pick the Titans dry.  Sadly, Antwan wants to stay in Nashville, but the prospect of lots and lots of money should convince him otherwise.  Here's a good rule: Don't trust a word out of an Agent's mouth leading up to March 1st!
  2. Asante Samuel, CB, New England Patriots: Poor Asante, blew an interception and now Patriots fans hate him like Bill Buckner.  It's OK, he'll be the highest paid Cornerback until the 2009 off-season.  He might even get a hundred million dollar contract after the 80 million dollar one signed last off-season by Nate Clements.  Jacksonville could use the help in the secondary, but spending the money on Garrard and a Defensive End just makes more sense.  Then again, imagine a secondary of Rashean Mathis, Asante Samuel, Reggie Nelson and Brian Williams?
  3. Randy Moss, WR, New England Patriots: No.  No.  No.  I don't want him, I don't think he'll come here, and I don't think he's what we need at wide receiver.  I can't even begin to imagine what would happen if Randy Moss was streaking down the field on a "Moss Fly" route drawing both safeties and a cornerback on a play action with only 7 guys in the box and Maurice Jones-Drew or Fred Taylor having a giant hole to gash opposing defenses.  I just won't do it.
  4. Lance Briggs, LB, Chicago Bears: A player I really like, sadly we've just got no need at linebacker to make it work out.  He'd be expensive as well.  Though its speculated Gregg Williams has had the hots for Lance in the past...
  5. Justin Smith, DE, Cincinnati Bengals: My "sleeper pick" to be the next Jaguars Defensive End.  He's underutilized in Cincy, he's got potential to be a better pass rusher than people give him credit for, and he's cheaper than Odom because he only had two sacks last season.  Not a bad choice, in my humble opinion.
  6.  Flozell Adams, T, Dallas Cowboys: Jags won't go offensive line and I, quite frankly, don't watch the Cowboys enough to have any real opinion.
  7. Alan Faneca, G, Pittsburgh Steelers: Again, no need as far as the Jaguars are concerned.  Poor Pittsburgh though, I'll probably eat these words but going to the playoffs last season was the worst thing that could happen to a team that clearly has some rebuilding to do.
  8. Corey Williams, DT, Green Bay Packers: It's too bad we don't really have any need at defensive tackle, cause he could be a good one.  I like his youth (27) and his size (312 lbs).  No need as far as we're concerned though...
  9. Bernard Berrian, WR, Chicago Bears: Is this another Dennis Northcutt or is he a deep threat that can draw some coverage?  Is he a good choice for the Jaguars at receiver or is he just another bunch of wasted money at the position?  Look for the Jaguars to take a look at Berrian, but not spend the money.
  10.  Gibril Wilson, S, New York Giants: Nothing says "big money" like coming off of a championship season and with a few good performances to boot.  I don't know if the Jaguars need in the defensive backfield is enough to justify going after Wilson, but it's certainly a thought.
  11. Bryant Johnson, WR Arizona Cardnials: It's hard being a receiver when you've got two pro-bowlers ahead of you, but that's what you get with Johnson.  Is he under used or just a 3rd stringer.  He's fast, but I don't know that he's enough of a deep threat to help the Jaguars out much.
  12. Travis LaBoy, DE, Tennessee Titans: Wow, two DE's up for grabs from the Titans.  Can we have both of them?  Seriously?  
Ok, there you go.  The top 12 (sort of) Free Agents out there.  I could be wrong or forgetting someone, but that's what the comments are for!