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Jaguars Quick Bytes: Cheerleaders, Charity, and Cuts Edition!

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Erin Carlisle: Cheerleader, and Sports Illustrated Babe!

Quick Bytes!

Because I like to celebrate the Presidency of the United States, today's posting is a little light.  (Actually, it's just taken me a whole lot longer to write about our linebackers than I thought, my apologies.  You'd be surprised however at just how much news about the Jaguars is out there, even in the early doldrums of the off-season.  Sure, most of it is either sketchy information or outright speculation, but it's better than nothing.  

Before diving into all sorts of linky goodness, I'd like to introduce you to Erin Carlisle, member of The Roar of the Jaguars is featured in this months Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Erin is 19 years old, studying to be a Court Reporter, and is in her 2nd year with the Jaguars!  This is the first issue where NFL Cheerleaders were featured, and only 12 teams sent representatives, so that's pretty good.  Now, I would never shamelessly use something like this as an excuse to post a picture of an attractive cheerleader.  It's completely related to the story. Anyhow, you can see Erin to the right of this story and a whole lot more of her at Sports

On to the Links!

  • I'm not sure, but no news is hopefully good news in regards to the two biggest signings the Jaguars need to make this off-season.  That's Head Coach Jack del Rio and Quarterback David Garrard, if you're not paying attention.  Jack needs an extension and a raise to reward him for last season and keep his name off college head coach hunts.  David needs to be locked up long term, but for appropriate "prove it" money.  Yes, he deserves big money, but I don't know about paying him Tony Romo or Marc Bulger sums unless it's incentive based.  And by incentives I mean reasonable ones like making it to the playoffs, etc.  
  • The Cincinnati Bengals slapped the Franchise Tag on Stacy Andrews.  This is important for the Jaguars as it means that Defensive End Justin Smith will hit the free agent market and be available for the Jaguars.  I've heard from a couple different places that Justin is "the guy" the Jaguars will target.
  • There's another Defensive End out there that I've not seen talked about and that's Calvin Pace of the Arizona Cardinals.  He's an outside linebacker in a 3-4, but he's a bit bigger than the DPR's or "tweeners" that the Jaguars have (6-4, 272 lbs).  He's 27 years old and has 7 sacks last season.  He'd be a "last resort" sort of pick for the Jaguars, but with his speed and size, might be a nice option.  He'd certainly be cheaper than Antwan Odom or Justin Smith.  Frankly, I'd be happy if we bought a top DE talent like Smith AND a guy like Pace, simply because I'd like the flexibility in our rotation.  If nothing else it's a name to keep an eye on as we get closer to Free Agency (which starts on LEAP DAY, or February 29th.
  • The Jaguars Foundation, headed by Delores Weaver, gave out over One Million Dollars in grands to youth service agencies in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.   They also distributed 130,000 children's books around the region, and other great things.  People get a little upity toward the Jaguars charitable foundation because of the foundations support for sex education and planned parenthood.  In fact, some imply that ticket sales are hurt because of the Weavers support.  This is not a politics blog, but if it were, I'd say that people who are so close minded as to reject the team because of their charitable foundation should get a life.  The Weavers and the Foundation support a wide range of youth based programs, some of which include sex education that goes deeper than "wait till marriage".  I don't understand how anyone can have a problem with that.  
  • Byron Leftwich is no longer an Atlanta Falcon.  Poor guy, from the heights of his career in Jacksonville to that of a journeyman quarterback that lost his job to Joey Harrington.  Somehow I don't think he'll return to Jacksonville as a backup...
  • KFFL has a couple of items of note.  They say that Redskins Safety Pierson Prioleau and Linebacker Randall Godfrey would like to play for the Jaguars next season.  Both are free agents.  To both I say "Who?".  Sure, Gregg Williams might want to raid the Redskins locker room, but I don't know that these guys will be wearing Teal next season.
  • I wrote a free agent preview for Buffalo Rumblings about our dear soon to be departed Wide Receiver Ernest WIlford.  I don't know when he'll post it, but it's worth a look.
  • Also, with the scouting combine just around the corner, I'll be updating the Jacksonville Jaguars Mock Draft Database over the next day or so.