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Jared Allen: "Slapped" with Franchise Tag

Update [2008-2-18 22:7:39 by River City Rage]:: Per PFT, the Chiefs used the "non-exclusive tag", meaning that the Jaguars could still be in play. Dumb, methinks, on the part of the Chiefs. Clearly they are not serious about keeping Allen.

It's Official.  Jared Allen has been given the Franchise Tag by the Kansas City Chiefs.  

What is unclear is if the Chiefs used the "exclusive" tag, which pays Jared more money (for one season) but makes it impossible for other teams to even try and get him, or the "non-exclusive", which lets other teams sign him, they just have to give the Chiefs two first round picks.

Now, I've said this before and I'll say it again.

If we're going to use our first round pick on a Defensive End, why not go after Jared Allen?  We're going to spend a first round pick and 11-12 million dollars (7-8 mil guaranteed ) on pick 26, why not use that toward signing Allen, getting a known quantity at DE rather than an unproven rookie, and we lose a first round pick next year, which SHOULD be at 26th or higher, provided we improve on last season.

I know, we're all shell-shocked into never trading picks for players, but hear me out on this one.  It's kneejerk to assume that we'll be on the losing end, especially considering what Jared would do to our defensive line.

This could all be moot, considering that we don't know what sort of tag has been placed on Jared, but it's worth considering.