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Big Cat Country: Live NFL Combine Coverage!

Big Cat Country::Live from the 2008 NFL Combine!

On Thursday we'll start to get a little bit closer to knowing who the Jaguars will be looking at in the NFL Draft.

Yup, it's time for the NFL COMBINE!  The most exciting time in Draft Season where players burn up draft boards or plummet to the 7th round based on things that have very little to do with actually playing football!

Now, the really exciting part is that Big Cat Country will be AT the Combine, covering every angle.  What team is spending lots of time with which player, who's "draft stock" is rising, and hopefully a few prospect interviews and some other surprises.  The NFL is so kind as to provide wireless internet, so I'll be blogging the whole adventure!  As far as I know there won't be many "blogger" type there, so it'll be interesting rubbing elbows with all those NFL types and Media folks.

What I'm going to do is offer a perspective on the combine that's bigger than just 40 times and measurements, I'm going to document the experience of the meat market itself, the hustle and bustle of agents, etc.

It'll be an adventure, so I'd encourage you to stick around here over the weekend.  I'll be there from Thursday morning all the way until Sunday Night!

Stay Tuned!